7 Offline Techniques To Grow Your Twitter Following

When it comes to your business, the right Twitter following can be the difference between success and failure.

No doubt you’ve heard these words a thousand times over. You’ve likely been spurred into action and set about finding those coveted ‘right’ followers as quickly as you can. You’ve probably trawled through profile after profile clicking the follow button, always remembering to engage with those potential customers you come across.

But building your Twitter following should in no way be restricted to the online world. In fact, the offline world has more than enough Twitter followers just waiting to hear from you.

Here are seven Twitter growth tactics that can be achieved without the need to switch your computer (or smartphone) on … almost.


1. Rediscover word of mouth

Word of mouth has always been one of the very best methods of marketing products and services but with social media becoming so important to so many businesses, some have forgotten the benefits simply talking to someone has.

Whether you’re speaking with clients and customers or attending a networking event, don’t be afraid to mention your Twitter page directly to those you’re talking to. Pointing somebody in the direction of Twitter – and even asking outright for a follow – is unlikely to harm your business.


2. Proudly promote your Twitter handle on your business card

Business cards remain an important part of life in the working world, and an excellent way of promoting your Twitter account.

In addition to your job title, telephone number and work address, why not include your Twitter handle – and other social media URLs for that matter – and let those you’re looking to do business with come and find you online.


3. Let your stationery do the talking

Like business cards, your official stationery can also be leveraged to promote your Twitter account.

When you send a letter, the letterhead on your paper can be adjusted to include your Twitter address and other social media links. Likewise any invoices and receipts you send out. Basically, if it’s an official document, it needs to feature your Twitter handle.


4. Put souvenirs to work

When it comes to reeling in new customers and clients, pens, mugs, notepads and all sorts have been used to ‘persuade’ newcomers to hop onboard.

While most of these freebies are probably lost by the wayside somewhere down the road, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of having your company name on a pen somebody will use for the foreseeable future. Now, add your Twitter handle to the mix and you’re in business. Stamp your Twitter handle on pens, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, rulers, and anything else you think might be useful to those you’re seeking out.


5. Don’t underestimate branding

Whether you’re a small start-up or a well-established market leader, branding is vital. From your stationery (see above) and print marketing (see below) to your work premises and vehicle fleet, branding is a great way to promote your Twitter account.

Add your Twitter handle to your interior and exterior signage, your commercial property windows, and vehicle livery and you’ll soon be attracting Twitter followers from near and far.


6. Use print marketing to direct online traffic

While print marketing and advertising may be losing its edge as the No. 1 way of reaching out to people, it still represents an opportunity to grow your Twitter following.

Whether you’re creating posters, postcards, flyers, billboard advertisements, or anything else, make sure that all-important Twitter handle is there for all to see.



7. Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Finally, there is perhaps no better offline Twitter growth tactic than to offer a bonus or special offer for those that follow you.

Try something like “10% off when you follow us on Twitter” – either advertised in your shop/restaurant/office, on your print marketing, or even online – and you’ll be treated to a bunch of new followers without all the hassle of trawling the World Wide Web. You don’t have to offer a discount either; free gifts (with your Twitter handle on) are always welcome while nobody can resist becoming a member of an exclusive club.

Use these organic, offline tactics and you’ll equip yourself with a fighting chance of generating that following you so long for.


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