About Jason

The purpose of this website – and what I specialise in – is to show you how to win more customers through Social Media.

It’s as simple as that.

About1Over the last few years, I’m proud to have:

  • Grown my own company’s ‘Following’ on social media to over 250,000+ prospects.
  • Acquired over 33,000+ paying customers just using Social Selling.
  • Delivered training seminars to more than 11,000 delegates, teaching them how to win more customers through social media.
  • Amassed over 200+ online recommendations for my training/workshops.
  • Appeared in industry leading magazines such as Entrepreneur and Winning Edge.
  • Released my first book on Amazon Kindle.

All through using the power of Social Media.



My main focus (and passion) is teaching other businesses a system for using Social Media to acquire new customers, consistently each month.

What’s refreshing (which most businesses don’t realise), is that it doesn’t have to be difficult, nor time consuming.

As a result of my 5 years of experience ‘in the trenches’ – I’ve developed a system which, when followed, gives you huge exposure in front of your target market, promotes your products/services (in the correct way, without appearing ‘salesy’), and converts them into paying customers.

All you need to do is learn the system, and apply it.


I’ve labelled this ‘customer acquisition system’ Social Pipeline Marketing™.

The beauty of Social Pipeline Marketing™ is that it leverages all that social media is and allows us to win new customers (and increase customer referrals) through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn with just 30 minutes application per day.

I typically get asked: What kind of companies can profit from using Social Pipeline Marketing™? In truth: any company who has a product or service to sell, has a defined target audience, and willing to invest 30 minutes per day.

To learn more, head on over to ‘Work With Jason’, or check out the ‘Blog’ for the latest articles on how to develop your ‘social selling’ abilities.