6 Free Instagram Tools To Improve Your Insta-Results

Ask any business in the 21st century, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Instagram is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

What started as a simple image sharing platform back in 2010 is now the third most popular social media platform in the world, surpassed only by Facebook and Youtube. And it’s still growing – daily!

While you can use Instagram’s paid ads or influencer marketing to increase your exposure, there are boat loads of tools/apps/services which you can use to boost your results.

Here, we’ve listed 6 of the best FREE ones…

Enjoy! 😊



Great for: Content creation

Instagram’s default filter options are anything but new. They haven’t been updated in years and are far from being the most captivating filters in the social media world.

VSCO fills the need for modern, variable filters with its hundreds of presets. Create beautiful photos on-the-go with this downloadable application. Choose from free filters or from the large library of filters available for purchase.

Then, design further with a full mobile editing suite. There’s even a social aspect to this app where you can publish completed images to your own feed. Ultimately, VSCO allows you to create a feed that is unique and represents your brand’s identity!

2. Later

Great for: Scheduling content

Later is a wonderful scheduling platform for Instagram.

Preview your feed, share user generated content and organize your posts before publishing all with Later’s diverse features. Use the grid feature to see your feed’s appearance with current uploaded content. Even use the Saved Captions option to create lists of hashtags that you can use on your posts at a later time.

Available on mobile, tablet and via browser.

3. Repost for Instagram

Great for: Content curation

If you’re looking for another way to work with user generated content, Repost for Instagram is a great tool for your business.

It allows you to pull content from other accounts (for example, posts that mention your brand), and repost them giving credit to the original owner of the post. Using user generated content allows for a unique connection between consumers and your brand.

To use the app, simply copy the share URL of the post you’re wanting to use from Instagram and plug it into Repost. The app adds a credit feature directly to the image and copies the description to make posting a breeze!

This is also a great tool to use if you’re running out of content to post, and need some fresh ideas.

4. Shopping on Instagram

Great for: Selling products

Shopify stores in a select number of eligible countries (US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, or Brazil) can now tag products in their Instagram posts.

You must also have an Instagram business account and have Facebook linked to your profile.

This feature allows users to stay in Instagram during the entire purchase process from interest to payment – an entirely native shopping experience.

Take advantage of this useful e-commerce resource!

5. Websta

Great for: Analytics

Websta refers to themselves as an online Instagram viewer, but really they’re much more. Use Websta to manage your Instagram analytics, specifically engagement and growth.

Websta also has a feature that allows you to sort through hashtags to find the best ones for your specific audience.

View the top 60 hashtags by popularity, the top 160 popular places by hashtag, and even the top Instagram accounts sorted by country.

6. Autohash

Great for: Finding relevant hashtags

Autohash is an incredibly interesting tool.

Upload your image to Autohash and its AI will generate up to 30 relevant hashtags that match the image. For example, if you upload a photo of a puppy, Autohash may generate hashtags such as #puppy, #dog, #fluffy and #pet.

It also saves your selected hashtags on your clipboard so all you need to do is paste them into your caption. This removes the need to remember hashtags, or search hours for the best ones to use for your content.

A special feature of this app is the ability to generate location-specific hashtags when you turn on location sharing on your device.

It’s Time!

These 6 tools are some of the best for getting results with your Instagram account. Use them to help improve your graphics, hashtags, content and overall reach.


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