11 Tips For Creating Perfect Facebook Updates

A Facebook status update can serve as a portal to another world, a world that brings you more fans, more engagement and, best of all, more custom.

But that status update has to be pretty special.

If you want to break through all the Facebook noise and be heard you need to write updates that people want to read.

Here are 11 tips to help you create perfect Facebook updates…


1. Be interesting

Nobody wants to read ‘another boring update.’ Nobody wants to have corporate drivel rammed down their throat. Find something interesting to share with your fans.


2. Tipping is good

Got any top tips you can share with your fans? Tips that will make a difference to their lives or tips that will set you up as a market leader. Yes? Get sharing then.


3. Trivia, facts and jokes

Got any interesting facts, useless trivia or Christmas cracker jokes? All go over a treat on Facebook. After all, social media is supposed to be fun.


4. Paint a pretty picture

Adding pictures and infographics can really add fuel to the fire when it comes to Facebook engagement. Don’t overdo it though; for whatever reason, Facebook will make fewer of your posts with pictures available to your fans than your plain text updates.


5. Encourage interaction

Don’t be afraid to ask others what they think. Suggest your fans leave comments or even incentivise them to do so (competition, anyone?).


6. Don’t question everything

Yes, asking questions is great, but not every post should be a question. You don’t want your fans to feel like you’re endlessly mining them for information.


7. Think before you link

If you’re planning on including a link, is it worthwhile? Will it be beneficial to your readers? Is it safe? If you decide to post the link, forget about long URLs; use a URL shortening service like to make it less unsightly.


8. Share and share alike

It’s okay to ask your fans to share your updates with their friends, but don’t beg them to share everything you post. Also, sharing goes two ways so be open to sharing your fans’ posts.


9. Endorse it like you mean it

If you do share fan posts, be sure to add your own endorsement for the post. Something simple like “Check out this great post from…” is all that’s needed.


10. Honesty is (always) the best policy

Remember to stay honest when you’re writing status updates. This goes for the big things (describing your products / customer reviews) but also the little things (explaining an article you’re sharing is long or a video contains flashing lights).


11. Stay positive

Finally, remember above all else, you have to stay positive. Nobody wants to be bludgeoned by misery and content, so go with the flow and give people something to smile about.


Take these 11 simple tips onboard and at the very least you’ll be on the right track to connecting with your fans.


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